How to get rid of evidence not found

The best way to get evidence not spotted is to not look at it at all.It’s just there.That’s the message of new research that suggests that the way we use and analyze evidence that we do not see is crucial to our understanding of the universe.The study, conducted by Stanford University, the University of Oxford […]

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When to use an evidence-based policy

I know that there are times when it’s helpful to look at the evidence for a policy, even if you don’t like it.But it’s a very important step, and it’s one that you shouldn’t be taking lightly.If you are considering adopting a policy based on evidence-backed policies, then you need to make sure you do […]

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Which NFL team should be fined more?

The National Football League is facing more criticism over a new policy that says referees should be allowed to award fines to the teams that have the worst officiating.The policy, adopted by the league in April, gives the commissioner the power to fine teams based on a formula that considers their record, whether their players […]

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How to get your family to accept evidence-based medicine

I’ve been hearing from patients and family members in my practice that their families have been accepting of evidence-oriented medicine, and they’ve accepted that we’ve done our job well.I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone say, “I’m not seeing the results, and I’m not feeling the effects.”It just hasn’t happened.The people I’ve seen have […]

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