The ghost hunters of the world may not be having the best luck.

A new way to find evidence to help solve the riddle of who was killed in a car crash is gaining traction.

The Ghost in the Shell Ghost Detection App (GSBE) has been released by the Ghostbusters movie and TV series creators and will soon be available for download on Android and iOS devices.

The app allows users to search for ghostly objects and traces, find ghostly videos and photos, and track the locations of people who have recently gone missing.

The search feature has been added to the app for iOS, and will be made available on Android soon.

The GSBE app uses data from a new technology that tracks your phone’s GPS location, including whether or not you have Wi-Fi, according to the company.

This information can be turned on or off, but the most important information is the location of the device.

The app also tracks the time of day and the location on a map.

The apps main feature is that it will tell you when a ghost is in the area, and when it has left.

The ghost will then be able to go where the app thinks it should.

The apps app uses Google Maps and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

This feature comes after a number of recent apps like The Ghost Whisperer by The Ghostbusters Movie and TV Series, and Ghost in My Pocket by Ghostbusters and TV show creator James Mangold have made similar advancements.

The Ghost in my Pocket app will allow users to find ghosts in the real world in real time.

Ghost in My Chest is also a new app for both Android and Windows Phone.

It will allow you to find ghost trails and footprints in real-time.

Ghost Tracker is a Ghost Hunting App that will let you track your ghosts in realtime, using a combination of Google Maps, location tracking, and video tracking.

The Ghost Tracker app will let users see what has been reported by a specific ghost in real life, as well as other ghost sightings in the neighborhood.

You can also track a specific person, ghost, or object.

Ghost Tracker is also available for iOS and Windows Phones.

There are a number other ghost hunting apps on the market, like the Ghost in a Box Ghost Tracker App.

Ghost hunters have long sought evidence of paranormal activity, so finding the person who died in a crash can be a daunting task.

A new way of solving this riddle is to use an app that can detect ghosts, and then analyze video or photos of those ghosts, according a company spokesperson.GSBE allows users of both Android, and iOS, to download the app and begin their investigation.

This is an exciting time for ghost hunters.

It is easy to see that these ghost hunters are excited about the app, and are willing to spend the time and money to search the world for evidence of ghost activity.GS BE is available to download on both Android devices and iOS.

The company says the app will be available to everyone on September 10.