The Australian Financial Commission has revealed the number of bigfoot-related reports made in the first three months of 2017 has more than doubled to nearly 6,000.

Key points:The Commission’s new statistics reveal the number and type of reports made by the publicThe number of reports has more likely increased because of a more active search and police activityA search for a bigfoot in NSW has doubled since FebruaryThe number reporting to the commission rose to 6,868 during the first quarter of 2017 compared to 5,738 during the same period in 2016The Commission has found that the majority of these reports were made by people who were unsure what they were looking for.

The number rose from 6,300 to 6.717 in the period from February 1 to March 31.

The average number of reported sightings per day increased from 1.3 per day in February to 2.9 per day the following month.

The majority of the reported sightings involved “large” creatures with distinctive markings and features, the commission said.

“While we have seen the number increase, we are still well below our peak in late 2015 when the peak was 2,938,” the commission’s acting chair, Michael Jones, said.

The commission found that some of the sightings were made in urban areas while others were in remote areas or out in the bush.

“There was also a very small number of sightings in rural areas and some in bushland,” Mr Jones said.’

It’s a lot easier’The number made to the AFP rose from 7,547 in the same three months last year to 11,093 during the period.

The proportion of people reporting a sighting was up from 17 per cent in February 2016 to 22 per cent the following year.

“We believe that the more people who report a sighting, the more likely it is that a big-foot will be found,” Mr Moore said.

He said it was “a bit easier” to locate a big, black or red-skinned animal that looked like a big black or grey bear than a brown or white bear.

“They are both more likely to be in areas where the people are in the area.”

The commission will publish a more detailed report into the rise in bigfoot reports in the near future.

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