A mother in Afghanistan, who was detained at a U.N. base in the country, is demanding justice for her two young daughters.

According to the Daily Mail, the family of 16-month-old Nuri Alabed is now trying to get her family members freed from the facility in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Alabed’s family says that the U,S.

military base in Kabul was raided in November, 2016.

According to Alabeds daughter, she and her mother were forced to undergo sexual and physical abuse by U.T.A. soldiers, who she said “raped her without warning” while she was in a cage.

Alabored says that she and the other Afghan women, who were detained and interrogated, were “treated like cattle.”

She says they were “tortured and threatened with rape and beatings” as punishment for speaking out.

She also says that they were forced into military brothels and forced to drink urine from toilets and urinate on the ground.

She says the military officers “took advantage of our condition and threatened us with rape.”

“The U.A., they treat women like animals and they treat us like cattle,” Alabied said.

The Alabeed family is demanding that the United States release the women, and also the three U.K. officers who have been detained.

Alabedd is currently seeking asylum in the U: UK, and says she’s worried about her children.

She also says she feels betrayed by the U., which has not yet released the three detainees.

The U., however, has been reluctant to release the U.-trained, U.F.O.-trained soldiers involved in the raid.

The U.P.S., a U-trained Afghan army unit, has also refused to release them.

“The reason why they are still holding them, why they still want to hold them, they are scared to let them go, and that is why we are here,” Alabored said.

“I am really scared of what is going to happen to my children, what will happen to them and my husband and what will be happening to them if they go to the U.”

According to Alaboreds lawyer, Ziaul Haq, the U-led military force has “absolutely no legal authority” to detain the women.

Alaboredes mother and other family members are currently in the custody of the U in Afghanistan.

“We have a right to know what happened to our daughter,” Haq told The Guardian.

“We need to know the reason for the raid and why they have taken the children away.”