A little known fact about the man who was spotted at the scene of the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri: He is, in fact, the man wearing the white hats.

The photo, which has gone viral, is an image of the real man in a white hat who, according to a report from the BBC, was photographed with the hood down at the time of the shooting.

It’s the first time a man wearing a white hood has been seen on camera in the United States, and the only time that this has happened in the state of Missouri.

So what’s going on here?

The police are calling the man the “man in the mask” and have even released a video of the moment he was spotted.

The image is the latest in a series of images that show how police departments across the US have become more militarised.

According to a study by the non-profit, Media Transparency, the use of body cameras has risen by more than 500 percent in the last two years.

The technology has made it possible for police departments to capture videos of themselves on patrol, and for people to make videos of them on social media, including Instagram and Snapchat.

The video, which was taken on the night of the killing, was filmed by a citizen who was filming the shooting and uploaded to YouTube.

It shows a man, who has his face obscured, holding a gun, as he walks towards the scene, while another man approaches the scene and speaks with the man behind the mask.

The man wearing sunglasses also walks toward the scene with the gun drawn, but the other man appears to walk away, seemingly unaware of what has happened.

A few minutes later, the footage is uploaded to Instagram by a user called “Bubba”.

In the video, Bubba appears to hold his hands over his head as he describes what happened and describes how he came to be in Ferguson.

The camera also captures the man being dragged out of his vehicle by a man with a gun.

Bubaba’s video shows him approaching the man with his hands down, and he then turns towards the man.

The footage shows the man holding a pistol while the other person holds a baton, which Bubba uses to attack the man, breaking his glasses.

Bubbaba, who is black, has been accused of making up the incident and of shooting at the officer with a fake gun, according.

The incident has sparked a social media firestorm, with many people calling the video a hoax.

The shooting has prompted protests and a petition calling for the US to remove its “benevolent dictator” President Obama.

The US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that officers should not have to wear body cameras in order to record their actions, which were filmed from the front.

“The Constitution requires that officers wear body camera equipment and must have them when they record their encounters with suspects or other law enforcement officers,” the court ruled.

It also stated that police officers must be allowed to use their cellphones to record police activities.

The Supreme Court is not the only body of US law that has been challenged.

In March, a court in Ohio ruled that police need to wear cameras to record incidents, even if they do not want to, and that they cannot “recruit or use” the technology.

Earlier this month, a group of people protesting against police brutality staged a walkout after police used tear gas to disperse a group.