The NFL has been clear for a long time that players need to be aware of the risks of concussions and the possible effects of their head trauma.

But the league’s stance on the issue has become increasingly hard to ignore.

In the past week, for example, the league announced that it is considering banning head-on collisions in the first three weeks of the season, a move that could further reduce the number of concussed players.

In a statement released Friday, NFL VP of Communications Greg Aiello said the league is “evaluating how to better manage the concussions we have identified and the impacts on our players.”

But for fans, the most visible changes are the impact on the NFL’s brand.

According to the research firm NPD Group, the number one brand on Amazon’s website in the United States this season was the NFL.

The company also placed the league at number six on its Top 10 Retailers of 2017 list.

The brand has also suffered.

A week after announcing the ban, Amazon pulled a football-themed ad from the NFL because it was deemed too violent.

And last week, a New York-based sports clothing retailer, Uniqlo, pulled its entire line of NFL jerseys because the league was not sufficiently communicating with its players.

Aiello told reporters that the league has been careful to communicate with its fans, and it has already made changes to its policy.

The league has a team of “chief compliance officers” who are constantly monitoring how its players are being treated.

A recent poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by Gallup found that the number who thought concussions were a “major concern” in the NFL had dropped from 38 percent in April to 28 percent in March.