A new book claims that the late US actress Jonbenette Ramsey was killed by her brother, Benet, in 1995.

In the book, titled Jonbenét Ramsey: Murder, Abuse and Abuse, a former friend of the Ramseys, Mark Lutz, reveals that he had a personal relationship with Benet Ramseys that led to a fight that led Jonbenets body to be thrown into the river.

Lutz has claimed that he met Jonbenettes father, Richard Ramsey, at a party in 1999.

He says he witnessed the aftermath of the fight between the two and his “sudden and tragic death” was the result of Benets death.

The author claims that Benet was upset about her sons death and that her husband, John Ramsey, was a victim of his own mother.

John Ramsey was arrested for manslaughter and sentenced to a year in prison, but was released soon after.

The Ramseys have been missing for nearly a year. 

It is believed that Jonbeneth was murdered by her estranged husband John in the late 1990s.