New evidence of evidence of demonic activity at a U.S. federal building in Louisiana raises questions about whether an official there is in possession of a demonic possession and whether authorities can investigate.

Agency spokesman Ryan Martin told The Associated Press that a paranormal investigator was in charge of a task force on Wednesday night when they received a tip that an official had possession of an alleged demonic possession.

The report of possession by an official came about two hours after a man reported seeing an apparition in his office.

The Associated Press did not immediately have an answer about whether there was any other evidence at the site.

Martin said the investigation is ongoing and there are no additional allegations of demonic possession or possible other threats.

He said the office has been closed to the public and there have been no reports of injuries or other issues.

The FBI has also taken over the investigation, he said.

A spokesperson for the Louisiana National Guard did not respond to a request for comment.

A Louisiana man said he witnessed a man in his home in a blue, black and white costume walk past his house on Wednesday.

He described the man as having a big grin on his face and wearing a hat.

He also said the man looked like he was drunk.

The Louisiana State Police said it was not immediately clear whether the man was under arrest.

The AP has not been able to reach anyone at the FEMA site who confirmed the report.