The following video testimonial was provided by The Daily Beast to Fox Sports 3, as a proof of concept to demonstrate how Fox Sports could leverage their existing relationships with some of the top video game influencers in the world.

This video testimony was filmed by Fox Sports’s testimonial video production team.

We have taken the video testimonials from many of the biggest influencers and they are all incredible at creating content.

From the incredible personalities like @Movistar_Movio and @Kanye West, to the lesser known talent like @Shad Gabbara and @Mr_Trey, they all bring their own unique personalities to the table.

We’re really excited to be working with them to produce their testimoniums for us.

Fox Sports will be using this video testimonal to promote the first of a series of testimonios to highlight the amazing work they are doing to build and sustain a strong video game culture in the United States.

We’re really looking forward to sharing the incredible work they’re doing and the amazing video game fans they are.